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Cimenti Distribuzione srl has a dedicated space to gift ideas, so you may purchase items for every occasion.

Here you’ll find everything for…

Gifts: jewelery, leather goods, cosmetics, umbrellas, furnishings accessories, watches, picture frames and household products.

Parties: Wedding favours, accessories, Gift wrapping paper, party items, plates and glasses, tablecloths, florist items.

Recurring events: Fireworks; Christmas decorations; gifts and Valentine’s Day cards; costumes, masks, Carnival/ Mardi Gras joke products, Easter baskets and Easter gadgets; gift ideas for Mother and Father’s Day; costumes and accessories for Halloween..

We also specialize in supplying custom promotional items. We offer:

  • promotional gadgets (eg. pens, keychains, hats etc.): vastly spread items at competitive prices.
  • Merchandising objects (umbrellas, clothing, bags etc) customizable with company logos or events e.g. manifestations, meetings etc.
  • Exclusive corporate gifts addressed to select customers for special occasions, Christmas etc.
  • Sport gadgets related to the most prestigious football teams.

You'll find

  • cesta
  • cofanetto-penna
  • collana
  • cornice
  • decorazioni-natale
  • ferro-da-stiro
  • fiocchi-natale
  • fiori
  • frullatore
  • moka-tazzina
  • piastra
  • portachiavi
  • portafogli
  • portafogli-donna
  • portafogli-uomo
  • rasoio
  • regali-natale
  • regali-natale-rossi
  • rose
  • rose-rosse
  • set-penna-portachiavi
  • tazza-cani
  • tazza-emoji
  • tazza-te
  • tazza-te-oro
  • aschiugacapelli
  • beauty
  • borsa-cane
  • borse-carta
  • borse-carta-decorate
  • braccialetti
  • braccialetti-colorati
  • braccialetti-perline
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Our gift item brands

  • Bibo
  • Coriex
  • Cromo NB
  • DOR Import
  • Due Esse Christmas
  • General Trade
  • Gicos
  • Golden Hill
  • Marpimar
  • Mascagni Casa
  • Mood
  • Nemesi
  • Perletti
  • Sud Import
  • Zambiasi Commerciale

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